Are electronic vaporizing devices safe?

Everyday thousands of people use electronic vapor devices safely. Many Vaporizing devices come with various safety features. That being said, there are always safety risks and thus recommended precautions you should take for proper use. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on proper use and safety features for your particular device. Batteries always have the potential to be dangerous, particularly, if specific safety measures are not taken. For example, when an unprotected battery is forced to discharge current beyond its specified rate or beyond the charge level it holds you can run into degradation and even venting of gas from the cell. Many personal vapors with built in circuitry have multiple levels of protection, such as low battery warnings and the discontinuation of discharging the cell before it overworks the cell. As a last level of protection, many personal vaping devices feature ventilation holes to prevent gas buildup and over pressurization within your device. Please see our Battery Warning and Battery FAQ section.

How do I choose the right vaporizing device?

The beautiful thing about vaping is personalization.

With the wide variety of devices available on the market there is a lot to consider when choosing the best option for you. Questions to ask yourself include what size of device you would like, do you want massive cloud output or something more casual, how quickly do you run through e-liquid and how often do you want to refill, and what look, or style fits you best.

What can I vape that will taste and feel similar to cigarettes?

Flavor, nicotine level & appropriate mod output all play a role.

If you are giving vaping a shot and want an experience that will fill the void of cigarettes by maintaining a similar taste and feel than an AIO device would likely be a great place to start. That paired with a tobacco flavor, of which Broad Street is a longtime favorite, should keep your cravings satisfied. Choosing a nicotine level that is right for you is also very important. If you smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day and you are using an AIO device, starting at 12mg-18mg should be a good way to feel out where you would like your nicotine level.

What general maintenance do electronic vaporizing devices require?

Battery, atomizer & e-liquid management.

Whether they are built into the mod or external cells, you will need to keep batteries charged to power your device. You’ll need to keep the tank’s e-liquid reservoir filled enough to wick your atomizer. Atomizers contain the heating element that vaporizes e-liquid and wicking material that pulls the liquid to the heat source. These pieces have a limited life span and will need to be replaced when they stop producing as much vapor, leak through, or begin to have a burnt taste. When you replace your atomizer you should always pre-wick the wicking material via direct drops of e-liquid before you put it into a tank.

How can I purchase vaping products?

Be of age and shop DFW Vapor!

You must be of legal smoking age to purchase vaping or use vaping products. DFW Vapor has nine retail locations. Seven are in Texas and two are in Kentucky. We also ship orders placed on DFWvapor.com to any USA address.

What is an RDA/RBA?

A rebuildable atomizer system.

It is possible to build your own custom coils to use with your vaping device, using RDA/RBAs. RDA/RBA tanks mount on a mod and have posts that can you can mount wire coils to. You pair these coils with your choice of wicking material. These ‘tanks’ do not have an e-liquid reservoir, so you have to drip eliquid to saturate your wick every few puffs. The benefit is a truly customizable vape experience, however perfecting this craft comes with a bit of a learning curve.

How long does e-liquid last?

Usually, up to one year.

We recommend that you not use E-liquid that is over one year old. Although it is possible it would still be in good condition after one year, the contents of the E-liquid may have degraded depending on storage conditions.

Do E-liquids and devices come with a warranty?

Warranties vary per manufacturer.

E-Liquids do not come with a warranty because they are a consumable product. Some vaporizing hardware does come with a manufacturer’s warranty that would cover factory defects. Keep in mind that any physical damage to the hardware usually voids the warranty because it becomes hard to tell if the issue was originally a manufacturer’s defect or if it was caused my misuse or mistreatment.

What kinds of e-liquids does DFW Vapor offer?

Always USA lab manufactured e-liquids in various blends.

DFW Vapor brand e-liquids come in a 60PG 40VG blend or a Max VG blend. You can purchase all DFW Vapor flavors in 10ml and 30ml bottles. Select DFW Vapor flavors are available in 120ml bottles. Vapor Lakes E-Liquids come in Max VG blends. Bathtub Brew comes in a 1.35oz/40ml bottles, and all other Vapor Lakes e-liquids come in 1oz/30ml bottles.

How should I store my e-liquid?

At room temperature and locked away.

E-Liquid degrades faster when left in direct sunlight. E-Liquid is intended for use at room temperature. Excess heat thins the e-liquid and causes leaking while excess cold will thicken the e-liquid and it may not wick quickly enough to prevent burnt atomizers. It is your responsibility to keep you e-liquid away from underage persons. Lock your e-liquids away from the reach of children and pets.

What shipping options does DFWvapor.com offer?

Orders placed Monday thru Friday by 3:00PM CST will always ship out the same day.

Free ground shipping is available for orders over $35. USPS Priority Mail is available at a fixed rate of $6. UPS shipping options include UPS Ground, UPS Second Day Air and UPS Next Day Air.

How do I stop my Ecig from leaking?

Occasionally, a piece of hardware can be defective, but usually it's user error that causes the issue.

Try slowing down your draw. Pulling hard and fast can over saturate your wick and cause leaking. Slow 3-5 second draws are the best way to get good cloud production without pulling E-liquid to your wick too quickly.
Store your vaporizing device at room temperature. If you leave your device in the sun or anywhere warm the e-liquid can heat up and thin out, which makes it easier for it to leak. Check all your connection points and make sure they are nice and finger tight. Be careful not to over tighten to the point of stripping your threading.

How can I get in contact with DFW Vapor?

Email, call, or drop by a retail location.

Call us at 1.800.532.0779 to talk to a customer service representative or leave a message. Visit our Contact page. Drop by a store or call one of our retail stores.

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Does DFWvapor.com offer a loyalty program?

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