DFW Vapor carries USA Lab manufactured E-liquids with only the highest grade ingredients. We provide a wide variety of Eliquid flavors, nicotine levels, and Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) levels.


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  1. Singles US E-Liquid
    Singles US E-Liquid
    Sugared Peach Delights
  2. Specimenz: 1947
    Specimenz: 1947
    German chocolate cake and oatmeal cakes wi...
  3. Specimenz: Living Magic
    Specimenz: Living Magic
    Tangy melons and peach nectar
  4. Specimenz: 626
    Specimenz: 626
    Fruity flavors that seem to change into sw...
  5. Specimenz: Azure Comet
    Specimenz: Azure Comet
    This one dances in the sweet zone of red a...
  6. Specimenz: Red Dwarf
    Specimenz: Red Dwarf
    Like a fruity island style cocktail with s...
  7. Specimenz: Event Horizon
    Specimenz: Event Horizon
    Sweet and tart raspberry and pineapple, li...
  8. Specimenz: Mass Distortion
    Specimenz: Mass Distortion
    A sugary apple like touch to a full bubble...
  9. Specimenz: Odin's Puddin'
    Specimenz: Odin's Puddin'
    Butterscotch, caramel, seriously savory pu...

Items 1-9 of 269

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