DFW Vapor carries USA Lab manufactured E-liquids with only the highest grade ingredients. We provide a wide variety of Eliquid flavors, nicotine levels, and Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) levels.


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  1. Singles US E-Liquid
    Singles US E-Liquid
    Sugared Peach Delights
  2. Pop Bot - Crack Pom
    Pop Bot - Crack Pom
    Meet your new juicy pomegranate obsession.
  3. Pop Bot - Nana Nectar
    Pop Bot - Nana Nectar
    Tastes like an extra sweet virgin banana d...
  4. Pop Bot - La Vaca Roja
    Pop Bot - La Vaca Roja
    A stampede of tangy citrus flavor that can...
  5. Pop Bot - Pink Lemon Aid
    Pop Bot - Pink Lemon Aid
    Sweet and lightly tart, fresh from the sid...
  6. Pop Bot - La Vaca Azul
    Pop Bot - La Vaca Azul
    Our blueberry boost that gets your wagon r...
  7. Bathtub Brew
    Bathtub Brew
    1.35oz / 40ml bottles of Premium Max VG E-...
  8. Specimenz: α Ori Flare
    Specimenz: α Ori Flare
    Red hot cinnamon with a sweet finish.
  9. Specimenz: Nibiru Nectar
    Specimenz: Nibiru Nectar
    Honeysuckle with sweet watermelon goodness.
  10. Specimenz: PSR J2222-0137
    Specimenz: PSR J2222-0137
    Cool, refreshing menthol flavor.
  11. Specimenz: Trifid Pan M20P
    Specimenz: Trifid Pan M20P
    A sweet fruity blend with a sour tang.
  12. Blackberry US E-Liquid
    Blackberry US E-Liquid
    The sweet and tangy flavor of BlackBerry i...
  13. Blueberry US E-Liquid
    Blueberry US E-Liquid
    Natural blueberry sweetness.
  14. Butterscotch US E-Liquid
    Butterscotch US E-Liquid
    Savory butterscotch goodness
  15. Chocolate Mint US E-Liquid
    Chocolate Mint US E-Liquid
    Minty chocolate sweetness
  16. Cherry US E-Liquid
    Cherry US E-Liquid
    Sweet cherry goodness
  17. Coffee Liqueur US E-Liquid
    Coffee Liqueur US E-Liquid
    The flavor of the best coffee - without th...
  18. Oopsmeister US E-Liquid
    Oopsmeister US E-Liquid
    Liquor with black licorice flavor.
  19. Grape US E-Liquid
    Grape US E-Liquid
    Natural, fresh grape flavor
  20. Coffee US E-Liquid
    Coffee US E-Liquid
    Fresh brewed coffee flavor
  21. Clove US E-Liquid
    Clove US E-Liquid
    Herbal clove spice
  22. Pina Colada US E-Liquid
    Pina Colada US E-Liquid
    Coconut, Pineapple & Rum
  23. Strawberry US E-Liquid
    Strawberry US E-Liquid
    Strawberry is sweet and natural tasting.
  24. Caramel US E-Liquid
    Caramel US E-Liquid
    Sweet creamy caramel
  25. Cinnamon US E-Liquid
    Cinnamon US E-Liquid
    Hot, natural cinnamon
  26. Watermelon US E-Liquid
    Watermelon US E-Liquid
    Juicy and Sweet Summer Watermelon

Items 1-30 of 269

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