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Bathtub Purple

Blueberry - Lime

Out of the tub and into the blueberry patch. Our blueberry vapor

blend just may be tastier than real blueberries. Lucky said squeeze a

little lime so we did. It’s pure zing. Smart duck.


Bathtub Brew is a MAX VG E-Liquid made with a 100% VG base, which makes it able to produce large vapor clouds while not overwhelming the user with a heavy throat hit. Our E-Liquid may contain flavoring and nicotine with a PG base. The nicotine is extracted from natural tobacco, and is 99.9% pure. We offer our E-Liquid in nicotine levels of 0.0%, 0.3%, and 0.5%. All of our E-Liquid is precision mixed by hand, ensuring consistent excellence from batch to batch. All ingredients are sourced in the USA.

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