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Utilizing the same great flavor used in traditional cigarettes off the coast of the Black Sea, DFW Vapor's Turkish Tobacco E-Liquid provides you with a lavish, mellow and satisfying experience.
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Utilizing the same great flavor used in traditional cigarettes off the coast of the Black Sea, DFW Vapor's Turkish Tobacco E-Liquid provides you with a lavish, mellow and satisfying experience. This vape juice has an light aromatic flavor with a dry smoky finish.

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29 Reviews

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Tastes just like a camel, if your a fan of camel cigarettes then this stuff is for you, full, rich, and very throaty.

True to a Camel cigarette


Camel Lights were my go to brand when I was smoking so when I decided to quit, I figured this would be the best place to start, with a Camel flavored eliquid, This is most definitely the strongest tobacco flavor I've tried to date. I see some of the reviews that suggest otherwise and I honestly have no idea how they could think this doesn't have a tobacco flavor to it. Although, taste is subjective, I guess. Either way, I know Broadstreet is the most popular tobacco flavor that DFW Vapor has but if it just isn't quite tobacco-y or strong enough, Turkish Tobacco will satisfy your cigarette cravings!

Darn good tobacca


This is by far one of the BEST tobacco flavors in existence.
The flavor is unmistakable ..... TOBACCO
It is just so F'n good! So F'n tobaccoie!
Perfect for those looking to stop chuffing on them cancer sitcks.
Camel brand cancer sticks, just minus the polonium 210 and ash.

Nice job


Wow, they really got this one spot on. It leaves that same type of upper palate aftertaste as a Camel Turkish Royal. Anyone who's looking for a cigarette flavor that leaves you feeling like you just cheated might want to check this one out. I know some people who used to smoke Camels that I'll definitely recommend this flavor to.

Super fast delivery/great product


Placed order on Wednesday evening got product(Turkish tobacco) on Friday that's from Texas to Ohio.Thanks DFW Vapor....Charles

Decent tobacco flavor


Used this one because the Broad Street Tobacco flavor was too light on tobacco flavoring and to sweet to be a ''true'' tobacco. Turkish Tobacco is probably the most rich of DFW's tobaccos, yet has no harshness (at least in 3mg). True to the Camel taste as well.

Closest to camel yet.


This is the closest flavor to camel cigarettes I have found yet. I have smoked camels for fifteen years and no other tobacco flavors have come close. Good job.

Super fast shipping


Very good product, and the fastest service ive found on the net!!! I ordered two bottles, 1 Marlborro, and 1 Camel, they both taste great and have excellent vapor! Ordered thursday night and was thankful i was vaping them by tuesday afternoon because my previous supply was all used up!

Very smooth tobacco flavor


After smoking cigaretts for many years I didn't find this liquid harsh at all, very smooth vape with a sweet aftertaste, very enjoyable, does actually taste like the camel blend of tobacco.

Decent flavor, gave to a friend and he swears by it


The only flavor from DFW I can't give 5 stars to. The flavor is good, but there is an aftertaste, kind of a spice, that just doesn't work for me. Gave it to a friend that swears he won't ever smoke anything else. I moved on to the Marlboro and would give it 10 stars if that were possible.

Satisfying replica


The closest flavor that I have found to Camel so far. I have tried about four different brands and I am satisfied with this one. I don't think it tastes exactly like it, but they are close enough that it satisfies the craving entirely.

he loved the taste


a plus to get him off regular cigarettes

Another amazing flavor from DFWvapor


Long story short

Tried this flavor
Loved it.

It's like a camel without a hump... my life is a lot like a camel without a hump as well because my girlfriend read my last reviews =(

Grew on me


Didn't taste like a camel and it took some getting used to, but I found that after the first tank, I really started to like it. Very satisfying vape.

Thickly sweet


I don't know if my bottle was mislabeled or not but this juice has zero tobacco flavor to me. If would be far more descriptive if it were named something like 'Cream Soda'' . It is a very thickly (and sickly) sweet flavor that people around me noticed right away in the vapor. Tastes vary, but this is not even close to what I would have thought it to be based on the description.

Just like my cigarette!


Order this one if you smoke non minthol!!!!

Smooth, satisfying all-day blend


I've smoked Marlboro Mediums for 20 years, so I started out with Broad Street. I found the grape/pear aftertaste a bit much, so I tried US Camel (now of course called Turkish Tobacco). It does have a hint of an aftertaste, but it's more nutty than fruity, and for my taste a much better cigarette-replacing flavor. Great work!

Just not right


Ordered this and Broad Street. While I can't say enough good things about Broad Street, I have found the Turkish to be intolerable. Spoke to dfw and they suggested I let it steep for a few days. It's been over a week and still the same harsh incense taste without a hint of tobacco. Maybe more steeping, I don't know. Have tried mixing it to mellow but, it is just so dominant. Feel like there was a mistake. Doesn't change the fact that dfw is a great vendor with courteous staff who are extremely helpful with all your questions.

Sweet Tobacco


I have been through bunches of flavors, and ended up on this one for my daily vape. Like a camel with a hint of carmel, less the ashtray taste. Love this stuff. Wish my local store stocked this in lower nic levels. Plenty of vapor, and taste is just right without being overpowering.

Go-to flavor


This is my go-to and my favorite among tobacco flavors. Not a sweet or nutty flavor, kind of dry but I solid flavor. To me it doesn't taste exactly like camels, not that it needs to, but this is very good when mixed about 3/4 Turkish and 1/4 of their coffin nail flavor.

Best tobacco flavor!


I've been tasting different tobacco flavors. So far, this one is the best. After quitting smoking, I gotta find a way to quit this :)
Nice throat hit, nice flavor with touch of spices.

No doubt this is a Camel Cigarette!


This is probably the strongest tobacco I've tried to date and there is no missing that it is modeled after a Camel Cigarette. It is very strong with little to no sweetness to it! If Broad Street was a little to sweet for you, this is the next flavor you need to try!

perfect for quitting camels!


If you are a camel fan this is the perfect flavor for you!

Great tobacco flavor


Love this flavor... deep and earthy, definitely reminiscent of a camel cig. Check it if you want something that tastes like good tobacco/a cigarette.

Turkish Tobacco


It is an alright flavor. I use to smoke camel cigarettes so I guess it is pretty close.