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Stars are born in the Trifid Nebula, and with this max VG sweet and sour fruity blend your new favorite flavor might be born!

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14 Reviews

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Now & Later


Taste JUST like Now & Laters but without the calories! All the goodness without the fat!

Second to only Nibiru Nectar


Of the Specimen line-up's fruity flavors, this one comes in second right behond only Nibiru Nectar for me. The flavor is definitely a mix of fruit and candy flavors and is phenomenal. To me tastes like sweet tarts, watermelon, and a little something extra that I can't quit put my finger on. Would highly recommend!

Trifid Pan M20


great flavor just as good being dripped or in a tank if you like fruity you would like trifid



Fruity and sweet! Every hit i can find something else i like in this blend!

Fruit Candy Goodness


Recently went into my local DFW Vapor in Rowlett,TX and was looking for something new and fruity. Tried this one and fell in love. Taste like a bunch of fruit candies all thrown together. You have do yourself a favor and buy this one if you like candy or fruits. This stuff is incredible. 5 Huge Stars.

More of the Same


What smells like Unicorn Venom, tastes like Unicorn Venom, and is Unicorn venom in a higher VG mix, that's right, this juice. So if you like a fruit and candy explosion in your face then this is for you, which in turn means this is not for me. Highly rated by my friends and vape family, but I do not agree.

Pretty good!


This flavor is impossible to identify. Definitely fruity but nothing specifically stands out. Great sweet fruit flavor.



Okay so I'm going to be honest with you. This flavor is Unicorn Venom. Still good and one of the best sellers. Fruity and sweet every vape you take. Can't beat this flavor.

Basically Unicorn Venom


Taste like a BETTER version of Unicorn Venom without the chapstick taste! YAY! AND, I dont get sick of it!! GO VAPOR LAKES!!

My favorit so far!


So i tried Trifid Pan for the first time and i was hooked. Its really really delicious. BUT!!!! if you mix it with a little bit if menthol it'll be like something you've never experienced before. Trust me...you'll l0ve it.

A Different Flavor Every Time


This flavor is so good it tastes different every time i hit it. depending on what you are drinking or even eating, the flavors change like magic in tour mouth...

Different Flavor every time!!!


Smooth fruity juice. Not very tart tho. This is a good all day vape, and you get different flavors all day, none I have been able to pinpoint, but they are super good!!

Loving it!


A good strong taste i love that about it also good mix

Trip over the flavor


So Much flavor, way to much for me personally, tastes like a bad candy