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The MYSTIC VENOM 30 ML E-Liquid from DFW Vapor is something you can't quite describe. It's fruity and sweet with a sour-like twang! It's a sweet flavor, like the mythical beast. However, this unicorn has an angry side. As you embrace the sweet, you'll find out it's bite is nothing to be reckoned with. Grab a bottle of this delectable vape-juice and embrace the magic today!

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45 Reviews



Unicorn Venom packs loads of sweetness and fruit in one flavor. It is a must try, must have, can't put it down kind of flavors, if you really like fruity and candy flavors. This venom is such a mystery to discover what is actually inside the ingredients. Some days its a blue sour raspberry Dum-Dum lolli pop taste, it could be a sweet tart taste, or be a mix of citrus fruits the next day. If you ever find yourself in a DFW Vapor store or have a friend who has this flavor from DFW, try the flavor, you would be surprised how addicting it will be. I myself HIGHLY recommend this flavor to those fruity/candy flavor guru's, you won't be unsatisfied!! :)

So good


Will keep this one on hand. ADV

Definitely an All-Day Vape!


This flavor is phenomenal. Honestly, it's pretty hard for me to pinpoint what exactly this juice is supposed to taste like. I've had a few of my friends try it and they can't put their finger on it, either. It's definitely a fruit/candy flavor mixture and to me tastes like sweet tarts mixed with watermelon. I love it and could definitely see myself vaping it all day. Scratch that, I already have.

It's so lit


This is my go-to flavor. Everyone seems to love unicorn venom, it is a perfect blend various fruits for a perfect flavor.

so geeeeeewd!!!!


the name is what drags you to try it, name is so catchy and is something you'll never get tired of! This has 7 different fruits in it, at least that's what i've heard! Nice sweet and sour kind of tang! Recommend this for anyone!!!!!!!

all day vape!!!


Ever wonder how to bottle the flavor of a unicorn? Weird, I know.. The mysterious pink liquid is full of rainbows and unicorn tears! Not really but this is one of the top 20 flavors at DFW Vapor. Its a strong vape and flavor. Its quite an interesting combo. One of my favorites and soon to be yours. Get hip with the times and get you some!

Everything sweet and fruity all in one!


When I first heard the name of their new liquid, I had NO idea what to expect. My initial thought when I smelt the liquid was that it was definitely one I might like. I'm for sure a fruity flavor girl and this one is full of fruity goodness. It's sweet and a little bit tart. It almost tastes like a mixture of their Sweet Tart flavor mixed with something else. I feel like there may be a hint of vanilla and possibly coconut, which in my option, is a delicious combination. It's a decent throat hit and excellent vapor production. If you're interested in trying a new fruity flavor, this is definitely one to check out!



Unicorn Venom is DELISH....SUPER DELISH! Y'all sent this to me as a free sample and I am soooooo glad you did! I am here buying my 2nd 30mL bottle, and I will keep coming back. I give this flavor 10 stars. I have 2 Vape Pens, and this one is in one of them all the time and definitely is an ALL DAY VAPE. I try other flavors in my other pen, and nothing compares. I still can't put my finger on what this tastes like, but I Love Love Love it. I will keep coming back! I am starting to get Wyoming hooked on this flavor so hopefully they all come order from y'all!!

#1 Favorite juice

- |

I don't know what to make of this except how yummy it is. I can't pin it down because it changes bouquets as it goes along. I taste pomegranate, then lemon, then watermelon, and then strawberry. It's a collage of rainbow fun!



Really like this flavor... a strange mix that I can't put a finger on.. Kind of cotton candy, kind of sweet tarts, and maybe watermelon I don't know... but it's delicious.



This is a very bold fruity flavor! One of my favorites. The flavor never gets dull and smells fantastic. It's a mix of all kinds of sweet and fruity flavors. I would try this out if you haven't already! you wont be disappointed!

I am hooked on this juice..


This juice is honestly one of the best flavors that DFW Vapor sells. It's a flavor that you can't quite explain what it tastes like, but you can't ever go wrong with it. It's so sweet but has that sour vape taste as well. You can easily mix this juice with other fruit flavors from DFW and it tastes great as well.

Great All Day Vape!!!!


Friend told me about this one so I went to my local DFW VAPOR in Rowlett,TX and this juice is amazing. Taste like a candy watermelon. I instantly fell in love with this juice. It has become one of my favorites. Awesome flavor and great vapor production.

Awesome For Saving The Life Of He Who Shall Not Be Named


Unicorn Venom 18mg 70pg/30vg

Provari Mini V2/ ProTank 2 2.2 ohms

Unicorn Venom, when I first saw the name I was instantly transported to Hogwarts and Lord Voldemort.

Drinking Unicorn Blood to sustain his life.

The flavor, is something familiar, I'm not sure exactly what it is. It tastes fruity, it tastes great.

In fact I've vaped 30mls of it in the past 2 days.

From what I have been told they can't keep this flavor on the shelf in the DFWVapor stores.

I do enjoy the flavor greatly, wish I could describe it to you other than it's familiar and fruity. Complex, and tasty all at once.

Give it a go, it's totally worthwhile.

We'll talk more later.

Another good liquid from DFW


A unique sweet and sour pink lemonade-esque flavor. Not so over powering, but you can tell it's there. A must try from DFWvapor



This flavor reminds me of the time I made out with my dad. :)

PS - Shipping was fast!

it had me at the smell


So i just got this yesterday and im not a big daredevil,but something about this drew me to it,when i first opened the bottle this sweet sweet heavenly scent came from it and i just knew i had to try i filled up my new evod and bam it hits me sweet tarts with a hint of sour grape and something else so sweet and then the after taste id sweet and almost spicy like im not sure what it is but i do no i love it and for someone who is scared to spend the money to try new things i was shocked ive been to other sites and tried cotton candy double apple dragons tear stuff like that and absolutely hated them i thought maybe vaping wasnt for me since i havent been able to find my adv this is definately my all time fave no steeping required just soooooo yummy

Mystery flavor of many


First taste is good. I could describe the tastes but has fruity and then sour apple. It is a good change for a backup flavor when I am tired of the Banana Moon Pie or my favorite French toast. Strong taste on first draw then it smooths out after several draws. I have it with 24mg.

Nice light flavor with a hint of sweetness


Very light and doesn't have any harshness to it. I'm using a ProTank 2 and eVic set at 3.6V at 5.6W with a 2.3vOhm atomizer. At that setting it reminds me of dragonfruit and watermelon. Good solid flavor for anyone who is just vaping casually through the day. I will definitely be reordering.

Delightfully Fruity !


I wasnt sure what to expect with this one. It is absolutely delicious! Incredibly difficult to describe. Fruity and sweet, cotton candy-esque. Its the perfect balance between fruit and candy. Absolutely delicious!



I can't really describe the taste other than Awesome. Fruity, fresh taste, good vapor, probably my new favorite. Strongly recommended if you like to vape and like a twist of fruit with it. Will get more soon.

Reminds me of Skittles


This totally reminds me of Skittles, which is good every once in a while, but think it's a bit too sweet for an all-day vape. Thanks for the free sample of it, which was sent with our regular order .. it's not bad!! :) We love the free samples .. being in San Antonio, we don't get the opportunity to come sample all your wonderful flavors. Great idea including them :)

Unicorns taste like rainbows


Sampled in the shop yesterday. Very sweet, fruity, sour candy flavors. If that's your style you will love this one!

Very nice and fruity


I really like this flavor. The smell of it reminds me of Monstered (from this site). It has a nice throat hit, and dripping at 6mg, its very good. I'm going to let it steep for about a week or so, then maybe it will have even more flavor! It reminds me of Monstered plus a mix of sour candies, with notes of strawberry mixed it. It's an enjoyable vape, and if you are considering buying it, you definitely should.

mixed review


I love this stuff is my adv I originally tried when there were no reviews. And was amazed is like skittles meets sour punch kids.....and the taste in.exhale is amazing I haven't been able to try any thing else since!