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This flavor is based off a classic treat that everyone enjoys, a delicious sponge cake with sweet cream filling.

Ratings & Reviews

34 Reviews

Sweet Sweetness


First off, this is a very sweet flavor. If you're looking for something tart, or mild, look away.. if you're looking for a large dose of sweet without the calories, check this one out! The flavor is great and reminiscent of ''A cream filled treat'' (Phrasing) and is a great mixer to add that sweetness to other flavors (See my review for Black Honey Tobacco). Check it out!

Delicious Dessert!


Now, I'm not normally a desserty flavor kind of girl, but I felt like maybe it was time for me to at least trying something other than the fruity flavors I normally use. First off, Cream Filled Treat was very mild and smooth. It definitely does not have a custard taste to it, which I try to avoid. But in saying that, it is very bland. I do get a nice vanilla or cream but I really have to look for it. Right now I have it in an Aspire Atlantis at 30W which I think helps bring the flavor out a little more. I've also added a little but of Specimen: Odin's Puddin' and that completely transformed the flavor profile.

Cream filled treat


Taste as if it was the real thing. Sweet creamy, and never gets old if you like what you see go pick that up seriously!!

The Creamy


Such a good mixing flavor, by itself it left something to be desired. I use this flavor to mix with other fruit and such to add cream to them and it is phenomenal for it.

Great Job


Got my order today & gotta say this taste great, just like a twinky. I could vape this all day.

Nailed it :-)


really like this this flavor a lot! It's sweet, creamy, and just awesome!!!!

Creamy goodness


this is now an all day vape! a light sweet yumminess that would mix well with anything if you wanted to get creative but I love it just the way it is. it's great right out of the mailbox!!

Desert Cream


This juice is an Amazing mixer if your looking to add a splash of cream to your favorite flavor!



Who doesn't love a good twinky? This is just like the spongy goodness with cream filling. If you have a sweet tooth this is definitely the juice for you. It can get a little too sweet if you vape it too long without switching to another flavor.

One of the best!


In light of the fact that Hostess is in limbo, I took it upon a personal recommendation from a store employee (I believe his name was Brian - I feel badly if I am wrong), but he said with the other choices I made...it was a likely choice. I was intrigued, so I gave it a go at 18mg 30/70 PG/VG mix.

WOW...this is awesome and incredible. Totally captures the light taste and creamy texture of America's #1 snack-cake! Definitely an all-day vape and complex richness that I like in dessert flavors. (on a side note...I added about 3 mL of VG to give it more vapor, but it didn't hurt anything, but I don't think DFW Vapors allows for much flexibility in their PG/VG ratios, but their flavoring is more than adequate.)

Don't be afraid or think this isn't worth it...you'll love this and since you may not get another Twinky (TM) in the next few years, it's definitely worth a try. You won't be disappointed.

I use the 1000mah Ego-C twist with Kanger T2 super long wick clearomizers. You may like this even more on other systems.



Great stuff right...if you missed twinkles...try this out

My favorite flavor!


I bought this from the brick and mortar store in Lewisville and instantly became a fan. Very true flavor. Light, creamy and great all around. I vape this all day long (2.0 dual coil carto-tank 5ml on my iTazte @ 4.2 - 4.7V). I'm on my third bottle (30ml) and will always keep this on hand. Cannot be beat. This flavor has got everything - not too sweet, good solid flavor and fantastic vapor production/throat hit. My most recommended flavor ever.



This is defiantly my new all day vape now!! It is awesome! It isn't too sweet, a little creamy with an amazing throat hit! I just ordered my 3rd bottle today! I wish they sold bigger bottles!



On a serious note the flavor was spot on. My fiance just can't put it down not only is it satisfying her nicotine needs @ 18mlg but also hitting her sweet tooth. It doesn't leave you with a funny after taste like other sweet flavors from other stores. Great job guys.

Twinky-ish But Not So Great


This one certainly has a twinky-like flavor, but not the flavor you think of when you think about chewing on a twinky. It's more like the twinky after flavor. This juice has a bad habit of building up in the atomizer as a dark sludge, so if you like this flavor, be prepared to clean your equipment often. Certainly not for me.

My twinky obsession


Personally I am not a fan of sweeter flavors, twinky is different. It has more of a buttery, creamy flavor. After the initial pull I get the a light sponge cake flavor. Aftertaste is where I get most of the sweet, which is very light. Like I said, I'm not a big fan of the sweet flavors, but this is an easy choice for me when I'm looking for an all day vape, not too sweet, possibly too delicious.

Liquid twinkie


YUMMMY im back for more and a large bottle.
This stuff is great not to sweet just right perfect.
I love it good throat hit best flavor I could vape this all day

Crowd Pleaser


I must say, I really didn't want to like this one. But it's spot on Twinky! Even though it's in the sweet variety, it's not overly sweet and actually provides a good ''all-day'' flavor.
Also, a good flavor for letting curious friends to try out.

Vaping through a 2.4 ohm tank at 4.3 volts

Pretty good...


I just started trying this today. Flavor is pretty spot on. Only issue I have is that for some reason I can only take a small hit. Anything more than a short hit and it feels like it's burning my lungs for some reason. Haven't had any problems with the local shop liquids I use but will keep trying this one, hopefully I get used to it.

Like a Twinkie


Tastes like its supposed to. DFW Vapor has the best favors. Glad I got the 30ml

Good stuff!!!


Now THIS is really good! The flavor is spot on & gives that warm fuzzy taste from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Twinky, just yummy!!!



I love this juice, which is weird since I dislike twinky's.

Not A Hostess


I am not as thrilled with this as I thought I'd be. Not the Hostess-tasting yummy as only Hostess can do.

Very pleasing taste


LOVE LOVE this is one of my favs! not to sweet just right. My all day vape!!



I love this one. Perfect for all day use and to curb your cravings for sweets.