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All the great flavor of a fresh, warm, cinnamon bun, but with none of the guilt that comes with it.  This creamy cinnamon flavor will leave your mouth watering and you'll probably start a new addiction.

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Just like the candy!


Ok, first of all: SUPER fast shipping. I placed my online order Wednesday morning and the package was in my mailbox by Friday afternoon (from TX to MI). This is as much a testament to the customer service at DFW as it is to the USPS. Bravo! DFW is my first in regards to flavored e-cigs. I have been smoking the gas station brand (blu ''menthol'') e-cigs and, well, if that's what you're doing too - you're doing it wrong. I bought myself, through DFW, an ego-C starter kit (nothing too fancy) and this is, by far, the *only* way to e-cig. As for the Atomic Fireball E-liquid: I have no basis for comparison against any other brand. I purchased the 30ml in 36mg nicotine. It tastes *exactly* like an Atomic Fireball hard candy. It's sweet on the tongue, has a nice throat burn, and a very cinnamon-y flavor on the exhale. The aftertaste is is exactly what you would expect if you were sucking on the real candy. If you like the candy, then you will like this. It is exactly what you would expect from the name. Order with confidence and enjoy!

This is subpar


Considering myself an E-Cig connoisseur with my habitual use of this product for the past couple years, I decided to become a bit adventurous with my palette for liquids. A friend recommended this site for their atomic fireball so I quickly placed an order and decided to try it out. It's safe to say that the end product left me wanting. A part of me feels that more than half of these so called reviews are actually the company themselves boasting about their sub-par product. Though I haven't tried many other flavors from DFW, it's safe to say that my search for finding the perfect atomic fireball is still in progress.

Go to!!


This is my all time favorite juice ever!! Sweet inhail great exhaling dfw made this purrfect !! I have another 30ml on the way now!! It's really going to be hard to find any juice that competes with this one!!

Less intense flavor


Loved the Atomic Fireball tastes but when order the non nicotine the flavor was less intense...sticking with at least the 8mg nicotine...

BEST vape ever


This has such a sweet taste that fills your entire mouth on the first inhale. It tastes more like Big Red to me, but all the same it is AMAZING. My favorite flavor, by far. WILL be ordering more for sure! I'm hooked :)

good and spicy


it used to be my all day vape when i first started its a powerful one but sweet and pleasant.

Wife's number 1 vape.


I personally don't like this flavor but my wife smoked menthol for 14 years, she tried this as her 1st vape flavor and now she has used it for over a year and will not try anything else



This is the pinnacle of cinnamon. I love the red hot candys and this totally nails it for me. I enjoy strong cinnamon and this has it! If you love the big red gum, or anything cinnamon for that matter you have to get this!



I use 1/2 Fireball and 1/2 US Tobacco 18mg because it seems like the perfect mixture to me. 100% Fireball would suit me fine as an all day vape too but I find I use too much of it if I don't break it in 1/2 I can't seem to put the e-cig down! Definately worth trying if you like Cinnamon anything.



This is the very best flavor and is one I reach for daily!!!



The flavor is spot on! Tastes exactly like the candy! My first order from DFW. Shipping was extremely fast.

best i've ever tryed


This is the only juice I will ever use. DFW best shop for all your vaping needs. Thanks.

Warm Happy Goodness!!!


This was the first flavor I tried from this site and it is my forever favorite. You can really taste the warm cinnabun, the icing, the hint of cinnamon, OMG I'm in love! Daily Vape!



This e-liquid tastes horrible! It literally tastes like a cinnamon room spray. Imagine cheap cinnamon air freshener being sprayed in your mouth! Avoid it and don't waste your money like I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinnamon firestorm aka:atomic fireball


I've tried all different flavors and company's, but this flavor is amazing it's so tasty that every other I've tried just doesn't measure up I mean I have even tried to have a local custom vape juice store try and make it and they couldn't even get it close I strongly advise anyone who enjoys cinnamon and strong flavor to try this and I promise you that all others will come up short this is the best flavor on the planet not only do I really enjoy it but I haven't even thought about a cigarette since I've bought this please do not waste anymore thought on this just place the order and get a big bottle cause if you get a small one you will just be upset you didn't get more phenomenal juice and I will never stop as long as this flavor is still made don't change a thing it's perfecto!!'



Cinnamon is by far the very best of the flavors I have tried! It smells fantastic and tastes just like the cinnamon candy I used to eat and leaves a wonderful lingering aftertaste. At the top of my list!

Gourmet of Flavor


I switched to DFW bc I was told it was more gourmet than what I was used to & boy were they right!!! I LOVE this flavor!!!!! I can't get enough of it at all!!! I vape it all day long until all my batteries (2) are wiped out & have to come back to the one that has tried to charge up again just to finish my day/night out from this flavor. Sooooo good!! I don't want to try any other flavor ever again bc I'm too hooked on this one!

Cinnamon Fire Storm E-Liquid ROCKS!!!


Man!!! DFW's Cinnamon Fire Storm ROCKS!!! I've tried dozens of products from a good number of makers. This DFW juice is at the very top of my list now. Best stuff I've ever vaped. Anyone who loves cinnamon . . . you ain't gonna get anything better than this.



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The Bomb


This is the center of an atomic fire ball, I have vaped this at a few bars and have been thanked by bartenders due to the sudden onslaught of orders of atomic fireball shots. No E-juice can touch this formula and I am a harsh critic. If you want a replica of an atomic fireball jawbreaker, this is it. Kudos to DFW on this formula, would give it 10 stars if I could. Can't rave enough, I vape 18 mg on a Kanga Pro Tank 3 with an Ego Twist battery.

Strongest cinnamon/mint flavor I've had


If you're looking for a strong flavor, whether it be to kick the smoking habit or just something to keep you interested... check this out! The flavor is a very strong, sweet cinnamon reminiscent of an Atomic Fireball candy, Big Red gum, and other flavors of that sort. I was on this flavor for nearly a month straight... kind of numbed me to other flavors I'd try. Easily an all day vape if you're into those kind of flavors. Try it, now!

My Main Go-To


I have been vaping this flavor almost exclusively for about a year and a half. I vape this in a tank with adjustable airflow with adjustable e-cigarette batteries. I vape between 18-24mg. I do have a 36mg bottle for my extra stressful days. I love Cinnamon Firestorm because it is straightforward. I don't have to guess what it's supposed to taste like. I rarely smoke regular cigarettes, but this does have a similar throat hit. I agree with the previous poster, 0 MG tasted way different, like it had artificial sweetener or something. If you want to try this flavor, get at least 3mg so you get the true flavor.

Absolutely excellent go-to flavor (but not 0mg!)


A strong hot cinnamon flavor with great throat hit. A daily go-to flavor for anyone who likes cinnamon and wants to know they're vaping something. Pairs well with Siberian Fireball if you like to change up your flavors every once in a while. A must try. Heed their warning about the 0mg strength. When they say it's completely different they are not kidding. It's a stretch to call it the same flavor and in comparison, it's terrible. Much weaker cinnamon, tastes kinda burnt, just yuck. My test bottle went straight into the trash, which is odd given that the nic versions are so good.

Cinn Candy


SUPER legit cinn flava! Its like a lava cinn flavor that never goes out of flavor OR style!



taste like the candy. Of all your cinn flavors, this i my fav