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All the great flavor of a fresh, warm, cinnamon bun, but with none of the guilt that comes with it.  This creamy cinnamon flavor will leave your mouth watering and you'll probably start a new addiction.

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Amazing...but familiar


This flavor is amazing ive come to realize hot cinnamon flavors are my way to go. However it tastes identical to puresmoker's firecracker which Isnt a bad thing since dfw is cheaper than PS I'll definitely be ordering it from here now instead of there! A must try.

Best flavor on the market


This is AWESOME, its become my everyday vape!

Love it BUT......


Love this flavor! However when I vaped on it longer than a week my tounge had blisters and lost my ability to taste for about 3 days. Pretty intense or i have a sensitive tounge lol still love it but had to dc using it so I could tase my other favors.

The BEST !!


I just started to vap and stop smoking cigs and this flavor is making that so easy. I cant tell you enough how much i LOVE this and Im not really a cinnamon fan. Its perfectly sweet with a slight burn. JUST like the candy!

My favorite so far!


I absolutely love this! It is my favorite flavor! It is so sweet! It tastes just like Cinnamon gum to me!

My Everyday Vape


I love this stuff. Mild on the cinnamon notes and great throat hit. Probably my favorite e-liquid.

My Favorite by far


I have tried to quit smoking twice by vaping. The fist time was difficult and after 4 or 5 months I started back. My second try was with Atomic Fireball and it somehow satisfied a craving I didn't get the first time from the fuits, coffees, or smoke flavors. I suspect it has that slight ''burn'' that you get from the candy that the other flavors don't provide, but that remind me of smoking more, while also offering me a ''treat'' of candy that so many people use to quit smoking. The flavor is very true to the candy. I will be using it as my main flavor until I am completely off nicotine.

Need to find more like this one!!!!


This flavor is the reason I decided to vape! A friend let me try hers while I was still smoking and it totally convinced me to quit! The only problem is, I can't find another flavor that has a strong taste like this one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

This one grew on me...


I decided to try this one based solely on reviews. At first, wasn't terribly impressed because I was getting an oddball, unidentifiable chemical flavor with a little cinnamon to finish. When I ran out of atomic fireball, I tried this again, and I'm glad I did. That's when the buttery pastry flavor finally came through. I didn't think it was possible, but this vape really does taste like a cinnamon roll.

My favorite vape thus far!


Absolutely ADORE the intensity of this vape. Fiery cinnamon on the intake, gargantuan throat hit and burn, sweet sugary goodness on the exhale. I half expect to feel a red ball of candy floating on my tongue. Well done!

just as i remember


Recently my son went to a birthday party, there were goody bags. Contained within was a few Atomic Fireballs. I havent had one in YEARS!! So i took a couple. loved them. Next day I was at DFW Vapor, saw it, had to have. It tastes just like the real thing. Took me back to bein a kid. Vape it all the time now.

Will buy again


This is the bomb ! love it ! What it should taste like.

Ooohh so good!


I was quite surprised at how good this really is. I can taste cinnamon/buttery maybe a hint of vanilla goodness in this vape. Its not a power hit of strong cinnamon (which I don't like) but this is perfect. This is officially one of my favorites now!

Taste just like the candy


Down side to this is it does not vape well with v2 cigs. It seems as if the v2 can not heat up enough to give you a good hit. Almost thinking about getting a different vaper just for this.

Pretty Tastey!


I would only suggest decreasing the cinnamon and increasing the vannila (maybe, flip the mix ratio if there is more cinnamon than vanilla or whatever flavors make up this juice). The cinnamon is a bit too strong to taste much of anything else. But nonetheless, tastey enough to vape. More than likely would not purchase again, (unless of course, the mixing ratio adjustment was made). Incredibly fast shipping out to Virginia though. Thanks!

Fave Flave!


Nice throat hit. Fabulous flavor! You get the heavy cinnamon start and the light sweet cinnamon finish. Just like the candy I used to love as a kid!!

Love at first inhale


Hello, I'm from Sweden. I remember when my uncle came home from the U.S. every summer he would bring these candies to me. when I puff on this juice, it was as if I was transfered back to that moment in my childhood. Amazing taste just love it, a little problem after puffed on it for a while you become completely tired of the mouth :( wish I could vape it a day ;)

Tastes spot on


I got this because a friend of mine said it tasted exactly like Cinnabon. Well it does and it's really good. My only downfall is its so thick in my mouth when I vape that its an occasional juice for me. I can't stand it for more than a day. Other than that it's a good flavor to get.

biker Fireball


I'm a total cinnaholic and my husband is allergic, so I rarely bring home anything cinnamon. Now I have my fave flavor right at my fingertips all the time. This was the trick to kick cigs for good. It totally tastes like an Atomic Fireball only without the burn. Remember when you had to take the candy out of your mouth because it burned so? Not a problem for me with this vape. Hubby is a fan of Appletini. A biker friend always passed out the candies and thus his road name was Fireball. He passed away not long ago, and this is a sweet reminder of a great guy.

num num num


tastes JUST like the candy! luv it

Get this, you will not regret it.


Best Liquid I have had yet. Tastes exactly like the candy. I already wish I had bought the big bottle. This is incredible, you will not go wrong! Don't Hesitate!

Best flavor I have bought so far


Intense but great flavor! Highly recommended.

By Far The BEST!!


This is the only flavor I use. It is awesome. Do yourself a favor and at least try this!! You won't be disappointed!!

Wish it had more of the fire..


I just received this and couldn't wait to try it. I was not disappointed although it could use more of bite. It's got a nice sweetness to it and does taste just like an atomic fireball however it's missing the hotness. But do so recommend it.

Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


This is truly The Bomb. It made me go and look for Atomic Fireballs at the grocery store and the 7-11. Uhhh... It's hard to FIND the actual candy these days. But I have to say, this ejuice is damn close. I have a bottle of full-strength and a bottle I cut about 1/3 with VG for those days the full-strength is a little much. Even compared to other cinnamon ejuice, this deserves 5 stars, no question. (I ended up ordering some actual Atomic Fireballs from Amazon... sigh...)