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All the great flavor of a fresh, warm, cinnamon bun, but with none of the guilt that comes with it.  This creamy cinnamon flavor will leave your mouth watering and you'll probably start a new addiction.

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I absolutely love this flavor.


I absolutely love this flavor. It remindes me of the candy. It's sweet on my tongue. Thank you so much

Just the right amount of cinnamon.


Awesome flavor. Just the right amount of cinnamon. Perfect flavor.

We are ordering two more big bottles now!


My husband and I LOVE this flavor! We use it alone and with the fruit flavors! Seems to enhance the fruit flavors! We are ordering two more big bottles now!

Bought more for me and a friend


awesome great flavor retun and bought more for me and a friend

Excellent and addictive!


Excellent and addictive! Wonderful flavor just like the candy. Worth every yourself a favor and order the larger bottle the first time won't regret it!

One of my faves.


This just like the candy same exact flavor awesome very good now one of my faves. Excellent Vapor too.

This is my all-day vape.


This is my all-day vape. I can't get enough - probably should be ordering it by the gallons.

Wonderful ya' gotta' try it!


Oh damn, this is the best 'stuff' I have found. Wonderful ya' gotta' try it!

5 Stars!


I meant to give this one five stars in my review but look at the website wrong. This liquid clearly gets 5 stars from me !!!

Love this flavor.


Love this flavor. Even in the 36 mg nicotine level, the Atomic Fireball flavor isn't drowned out. Took it to California on a trip last week and my husband's siblings loved it. We were passing my e-cigarette around everytime we got together. I handed out DFWvapor business cards so they could order their own liquid.

Can't wait


I can't wait to try this one after all the good reveiws. ! :)

A Must buy!


The best I have evr had!!!!! A Must buy! Well worth the 6$

Tastes like an atomic fireball


Which I like. This was just a little to hot for me to vape. I would suggest anyone that loves atomic fireball candy try this.



This has a great mild cinnamon flavor. The only problem is, it tastes like the real thing and there is not a cinnabon shop near me!!

Great Taste & Great Vape!


I can and DO vape this all day has become my vape of choice....excellent taste and lots of vapor!

Best vapor store in DFW


The customer service is incredible and the gentleman I worked with was very helpful. PLUS the prices are the best i've found in all of DFW!

My Favorite so far.


I really enjoy this flavor.

Atomic Fireball


I mix fireball and twinky very pleasant and sweet with a small bite from fireball

Om Nom Nom!!


This is a Cinnabon with icing on top. YUM!

WOW! Awesome


What a throat hit. I went in to the store and was overwhelmed with all the choices (didn't have my e-cig on me to try out the sample station... which rocks, btw). I heard a guy talk about Atomic Fireball. Great one! Love it!



This flavor is super cinnamon bun yumminess. The only thing I need is the chewing motion, they I won't have to worry about eating You will love this nice cinnabun replica, another excellent product from DFW Vapor. I added a little vanilla to it just as an experiment and that made it even MORE addicting than it already is!

Pass the coffee pleeease!


This was amazing flavorful! I felt like I should be sitting at a table with a napkin in my lap..VERY yummy yum. Nicely done without being over powering on the cinnamon. It leaves the taste buds giggling with happiness. Cinnamon in the inhale, icing on the exhale. Excellet work DFW!

My favorite flavor so far!! I highly recommend this one.


I have only had my e-cig for 2-weeks and this is the best flavor that I have tried so far.

This is the BOMB!!


My favorite. You even get the burn just like an Atomic fireball or a handfull of redhots.

My #1 all day vape


This flavor is spot on amazing! My favorite vape thus far. If you like cinnamon and sweet this is for you. So many ''sweet'' flavors are just not sweet enough for me. This one is perfect