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All the great flavor of a fresh, warm, cinnamon bun, but with none of the guilt that comes with it.  This creamy cinnamon flavor will leave your mouth watering and you'll probably start a new addiction.

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This flavor is true to the cinnamon disc candies! Has a nice kick to it but not super overpowering. If you like a nice throat hit from your flavor than this is perfect for you. Nice and sweet with a kick. Almost identical to Fireball whiskey!

So I heard you like cinnamon?


No seriously so much cinnamon, Absolutely perfect for quitting cigs!

Best flavor they carry


Full of flavor, sweet and strong. The cinnamon is sweet, not like the spice, but in the best way. Taste a lot like the atomic fireball candy, but does not hit harshly. Best flavor I've had from them!



Tastes exactly like the fireball candy



The cinnamon taste is awesome. I also use this flavor to compliment some of my other flavors like Granny's Apple Pie. I am going to have to start ordering this one in the large size for sure. Thanks DFW...



I guess its because I am not a big fan of Cinnamon but this flavor is just way too tasteful to me. I know a lot of people that vape it but then again, that's all they can vape now because it took over their taste buds. But like I said, people love it so if your looking for a new flavor to try this would be a good, strong one!

full of flavor


Really taste like the candy. However, the flavor can be a bit overwhelming and create headaches. I prefer to mix it with my coffee 1:4



Don't change a thing. Its purfect. Best flavor ever.

My favorite!


Wish I had ordered a bigger bottle!

Best Cinnamon Hands Down


Tried this at my local DFW VAPOR In Rowlett and fell in love. I have tried tons of cinnamon flavors and this is absolutely the best by far. Not to hot and packs a punch on the inhale. 5 HUGE STARS.

Needs just a bit more... frosting


This flavor isn't bad... and it is one I have vaped all day. The cinnamon flavor is spot on and the sweetness of the vape definitely brings its flavor closer to that of a cinnamon roll... To me, the flavor is only missing the sweet creamy flavor of the frosting. If it had more of that, with a little less of the cinnamon, I wouldn't be able to put it down. Definitely still check it out if you like cinnamon flavors and want something new!

Awesome Dessert Vape


Love this flavor... just the right amount of cinnamon and sweetness. Awesome!

Ooey Gooey Goodness!


Definitely one of my favorite snacks when I'm at the mall and my go to coffee creamer, DFW Vapor's Cinnabun flavor is NOT one that would disappoint. It has the perfect balance of cinnamon, vanilla, and a sugary sweet frosting. The flavor is spot on and provides a satisfying throat hit. Provides excellent vapor. This is a flavor you need to check out if you love Cinnabun, dessert flavors, or just a sweet, tasty treat!

Cinnamon Supra


Now for the record, cinnamon is not my go to vape. This cinnamon blend is just WAY overpowering, on the verge of take your breath away. Not a bad flavor, but not something i could vape all day.

Hands down best flavor.


I have yet to find a flavor as good as this. If you like atomic fireball candy this IS your flavor,

Packs the Punch!


Cinnamon Fire Storm has a great kick to it and if you love cinnamon hot candy then this is for you! Has a sharp kick and will wake up your taste buds like no other. It's great!!!!



Just a bit on the cinnamon side, this flavor is more or less delicious! Could you a little extra sugar flavor though. If your looking for a great desert flavor this is for you!!!

Dang this is Good!


This is a good flavor its pretty spot on with the name very savory and very sweet. Not something you can vape alot of back to back but it does make a good vape to have right after dinner or a big meal.

Makes Me Hungry


I'm not the deserty guy, but i can totally vape this all day. Great flavor to wake up with some coffee with!



Cinnamon Fire Storm is AMAZING! It has that sharp kick to wake you up and keep your mind from wandering. Love vaping this when i plan on driving for a long time or stay up late!

very mild


after atomic fireball,(the best!) I found this to be very mild. Not what I had expected.

Great all on its own


This is one of my favortes! You don't need to mix it with anything, it's great all on it's own!!

Get a bottle of this!


I LOVE this liquid!!! It's my favorite! It has a distinct fireball flavor, but it is not overpowering. It has a delicious sugary taste with the perfect kick of cinnamon. I suggest that everyone who likes the fireball candy or cinnamon flavor should try a bottle of this! I can't wait to get more! It's awesome!

A great wake up flavor


This is Great...It's like haveing a BIG Bag of Red HOTS !!A great Wake UP !

You have to try this one


If you like cinnamon candy you have to try this one! Awesome cinnamon taste, just like the atomic fires balls too.