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66 Reviews
Broad Street Tobacco US E-Liquid one of our most popular flavors. A smooth tobacco flavor that is a must try for fans of tobacco e-liquid.
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$14.00 to $39.99

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Broad Street Tobacco US E-Liquid one of our most popular flavors. A smooth tobacco flavor that is a must try for fans of tobacco e-liquid. This is an in house mix and should be very different anything you have ever tried. This flavor is perfect if you prefer slightly sweet and mellow flavors in your tobacco vapes.

Ratings & Reviews

66 Reviews

One of my favorites


I meant to give it 5 stars on my first review. Whatever the limit is.

My GoTo Juice


This is a nice mellow flavor. Only slightly sweet. My daily vape.

like it


has a good cigars taste to it good night time hanging out Juice

Still not a fan of the tobaccos


I'm normally not a tobacco flavor fan, and this flavor is not doing a great job changing my mind. The tobacco taste is definitely there, but it's almost reminiscent of the stale cigarette smell you find in dingy hotel rooms. I really thought that this one would change my mind about tobacco flavors since I know so many people who absolutely love this flavor. Anyway, not a huge fan but maybe I'll try it again later and I'll like it then.

Best tobacco flavor


This has almost a creamy vape to it! Love this one, great for mixing as well. One of the best tobacco flavors out there!

Smooth... and surprisingly sweet


I had been hesitant to try tobacco flavors since I started vaping. I simply didn't want anything that reminded me of a cigarette. Now having vaped for two years, I decided to give this one a try. The flavor was surprisingly smooth and had sweet notes on the exhale that made my tastebuds rejoice. I was shocked to like this flavor.. flabbergasted, even. To me, this flavor tastes the way a cigarette does if you suck on it before lighting it, albeit a bit sweeter. Would definitely recommend.

Good base


I used to smoke Marlboro cigarettes for years and after switching to my e-cigarette, I thought I would go with the Marlboro equivalent. And, in fact, the flavor is close, but more importantly it made my transition from tobacco products a great deal easier by resembling a tobacco flavor.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it isn't my favorite tobacco flavor, but it would get 5 stars for its claims of being a good tobacco flavor. I have used this to mix with other juice flavors to give them some depth.

It Works for Us


We were also Marlboro smokers and for over a year now my Wife her, Dad and Sister and myself with been vaping and we all Love Broad Street the best. I tried different ones that claimed to be just like good ol Red but this one hits the spot everytime.
Thanks James!!!




excellent and tasty


I love it, love it, love it. The best tasting tobacco vapor liquid I have ever tried!!

I love this Juice !!!!


Very nice tobacco flavored juice, I have tried other tobacco flavors from other company's that tasted like lawn clippings. Not this stuff it's the best tobaco flavor I have found I use the 18 mg. the flavor is a mellow but flavorfull vapor, closest to a real cig. I have found without tasting smoky if that makes any since :) . my search for my all day Vape is now over.
Take Care,

thumbs up


this one tastes like sweet tobacco, i like this one. was my first flavor because i told the chick i wanted one that tasted like a cigarette.

great flavor!


I read the reviews and had to try it. Love it so much I just ordered 2 more 30ml bottles. Has a sweet nutty taste to me. Just like pulling out a fresh pack of my old Reds from the fridge. This is my permanent vape. Wont go back to smoking after this.

My favorite the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best


I would have to say this is the best tobacco flavor I've ever come across. Some people tell me it tastes kinda like a swisher sweet cigar. I don't see it but whatever this is a must try.

If you like this you might also want to consider trying black honey tobacco. I find it very similar to broad street.



best by far, love this mix.

A smooth tobacco blend


I found this to be a little less sweet than some of the other tobacco blends I've tried in the past few months. The throat hit was solid and the taste reminds me of a European cigarette mixed in with some Carolina. it will satisfy those looking for a cigarette-tasting vape IMHO.

You nailed it!


Perfect tobacco vape. Had given up on tobacco vapes, but decided to give this one a try. I'm so glad I did! Smooth with a very slight bite. Rich accurate flavor. Get this!

The Holy Grail


DFW, please don't ever change or discontinue this product!

I never thought I'd find a liquid with the right taste to satisfy or replace the craving for smoking, but this it IT! I don't even think about lighting up anymore...

Pretty Damn Good!!!!


At 24mg of nic. It tastes strong enough to satisfy yet neutral enough to mix with other blends that I like. I almost ran out of liquid just playing around and blending it.....then I went back to vaping it straight. I will be buying more; rest assured.

Top notch 555


This is how a 555 should be. Strong flavor but not over powering, good throat hit, and lots of vapor. I will definately be ordering more. Definately satisfies the cravings.

Great Stuff!


This is an awsome combo of what I wpuld say is reg. tab flavor with slight himts of vanilla amd pie spice. Nice throat hit and loads of vapor.

Awesome Taste


This is just what I have been looking for. Smooth Taste, Moderate Throat Hit and Good Vapor. All this with NO NUTTY AFTERTASTE. Thank you DFW Vapor for such an excellent E-Juice.

best tobacco vape out there


this is by far the best tobacco liquid ive found. ive gone through a few bottles so far and not only does it take great by itself, it mixes really well with other. sometimes i like to add a little menthol to it, sometimes i mix it with the black honey tobacco. either way it is a great all day vape and smooth

Broadstreet tobacco


Really like this flavor! It vapes great and tastes like a good tobacco flavor with just a light hint of sweetness at the end of each vape. For those looking for just a great normal tobacco flavor, you're sure to like this. I tried a lot of tobacco flavors and this is my favorite.

Pipe Tobacco Aroma and Flavor


My husband and I are new to vaping, and this is only the 5th tobacco flavor we've tried. Honestly, by the time we got to this one, we were both beginning to believe that the tobacco flavor juices just weren't going to be for us. We really disliked all of them.

This one is different. The first thing we noticed about DFW juices (we tried four) is that they smell better right from the off than other juices. The Broad Street is no exception. It smells, right out of the bottle, like fine pipe tobacco. Like pipe tobacco, it is sweet underneath, and the flavor is dark and musty and deep. We both love it. It is our very favorite tobacco juice so far, and I cannot imagine finding a more perfect one. I would love to find one just like this with a bit less sweet, but until then...this is my winner.

We really enjoy it.