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Try out our in house tobacco flavor, Beaver Juice, and enjoy the subtle tastes of smoky and cherry flavors.
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Try out our in house tobacco flavor, Beaver Juice, and enjoy the subtle tastes of smoky and cherry flavors. If you love cherry, vanilla or tobacco flavors and not the taste of licking a beaver, this is the perfect vape juice for you — providing a light airy taste, not distracting, juice pleasant.

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beaver hehe


this is a decent tobacco flavor. the cherry and vanilla cut the bitterness i sometimes get from some tobacco blends. this is also a nice replacement for black honey tobacco.

MMM beaver


Get your mind out of the gutter.. Dfw Vapor offers a tobacco e-liquid called Beaver Juice! It has hints of cherry vanilla pipe tobacco. It has a smooth hit. You may enjoy this if your a pipe smoker.

Umm. Ok.


This sounded great but when i tasted it, it tasted like cherry cough medicine. Maybe it just me but i also didn't taste the vanilla or tobacco.

Beaver Juice Beaver Juice Beaver Juice SLAP!


Don't say it 3 times or Micheal Keaton shows up dressed up in a beaver outfit and slaps you in the face, then haunts your attic.

Also I was expecting more of a fishy taste...

gimme some of that beaver juice!!!


I picked this up on a whim last weekend while I was visiting my folks in Dallas and I LOVE IT!!! Very well balanced and not too sweet. This is an all day vape for me.

Plain cherry tobacco, nothing special


I liked this juice for a change of pace, good throat hit and vapor, but I did not taste any vanilla at all, only a mild cherry with the tobacco. I guess I was expecting more.

Beaver Juice - meh


Giving 3/5 stars only because it's not quite what I expected. I was hoping for more of a Cherry Cavendish sort of flavor, but it's much heavier on the cherry. The tobacco and vanilla flavors are very faint and sometimes not at all noticeable. I've only used this flavor a few times before I passed it on to my husband who is now quite fond of it. I will say it does taste much better in a clearomizer than a regular cartomizer.

dont be scared of the name!


This juice is very good. It taste nothing like beaver!

It's all in a name


Beaver Juice 18mg 70/30 mix

zMax 8.5 Watts 3.0 ohm Atty

With a name like Beaver Juice, it's hard not to try this flavor.

Oddly in the tobacco section, you're left to wonder exactly what kind of tobbaco is a beaver made out of.

Don't let the name fool you, the flavor is actually a cherry vanilla tobacco. Nice light airy taste, with the subtle feel of grandpa's pipe

With the number of people who ask about this juice on a daily basis I had to pick up a bottle to try so I could explain what it tastes like. Luckily I enjoyed the vape. So I've kept coming back for more.

It's been many months since I enjoyed a tobacco flavor, the last was black honey tobacco. This one feels like a tobacco, but doesn't feel like a tobacco at the same time. You can honestly taste the cherry with subtle undertones of vanilla. When you exhale you find the tobacco flavor. Not overwhelming, not distracting. Just pleasant.

I was reminded of a flavored cigar I once puffed away on in my younger days, only it wasn't that harsh.

Vapor Production, and Throat Hit are subject to your setup, taste is subject to you.

Overall, I enjoy this flavor and with the name it's at least good for a giggle when someone asks you what you're vaping.

Talk later.



You know that isn't a picture of a beaver, right?

Otter this world !


Tastes a bit more like California sea otter to me ( see pic on bottle).Great cherry, vanilla flavor with a touch of smokiness. Plumes of vapor fill the room with a wonderful scent reminiscent of cherry tobacco. Excellent for relaxing in the evening, or an all day vape. Will Be ordering more in the future. And thanks DFW Vapor for the bump up, I will Vape every drop.

BEST tobacco Flava


Cherry vanilla with a HINT of tobacco! SUPER SMOOTH and tasty!



Very good cherry vanilla tobacco!! Makes you wonder why they named it beaver juice.



Awesome name, awesome pipe tobacco flavor. Cherry, vanilla, tobacco...any questions? Check it out!

Loving it!


has a good sweet tobacco taste

Really Nice!


Not much of a tobacco person but this flavor is super good. You can definitely taste the cherry in the mix. I recommend this to people who like fruity flavors but also enjoy tobacco flavors as it's not a super strong tobacco.