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Aerial Aeon - Nimbus
Patriot's Peach

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7 Reviews

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Awesome Dessert Flavor!


Really good peach cobbler flavor... amazing, sweet, with the right pinch of caramel. The peach flavor is spot on making this a great flavor for dessert or fruit lovers. Check it out!

A different dimension to cinnamon vapes

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This is a different kind of cinnamon flavor to others I've tried at DFW, it's worth worth checking out. It is neither a sweet nor a hot cinnamon. It is more like a dry light dusting of fine ground cinnamon powder along with other notes that I can't seem to describe well but know they work well. If the hot ''punch'' of Cinnamon Fire Storm is too much for your liking and you don't care for sweet vapes, Cinnamon Nimbus might hit the nail on the head.

Cinnamon Roll


Tastes like a cinnamon roll its pretty good

The flavor that Made me like Dessert-y


Cinnamon Nimbus is like a new take on a Cinnamon roll flavor. Personally I usually only like fruity flavors (dessert flavors seem to get old for me far too quickly). But this flavor literally changed my mind about dessert flavors. I can rock this flavor all day, all week and still not get sick of it. Amazing blend. Smooth hit. Great add-in or solid flavor alone.

spicy but tasty


cant vape it all day but enjoy it immensely in short bursts. not too strong on the cinnamon (to normal people) reminds me of a hot cinnamon roll, like really fresh handmade cinnamon roll. its a hearty flavor worthy of filling your tank with.

Cinnamon Rolls


This flavor goes good with some morning coffee just like a cinnamon roll

Awesome Cinnamon


Awesome flavor... smooth, creamy, and sweet cinnamon flavor. Like a really good cinnamon bun/roll. Awesome dessert flavor!