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5pcs Decorative Silicone Ring with Concave Letters. These are good quality silicone rings with stylish designs. They provide skid/break resistance and can decorate your batteries and atomizers. Get it to give your E-cigarette a new look!



  • Colors: 9 colors, including black, blue, red, green, white, orange, hot pink, purple and rainbow.
  • Quantity: 1 pack (5 o rings in total)
  • Diameter: 23mm


It comes with:

  • 5pcs Decorative Silicon Ring with Concave Letters

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7 Reviews

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$1.99 gets you five of these different phrased bands. For just $.49 cents a band you save yourself a pocket full of money. With these silicone rings you not only save having to buy a new tank, because your device fell and broke, you save yourself money with these rings. I can recall dozens of times my device decided to have a fight with the table top or concrete, and the table top and concrete always won. Once i got a pack of these rings my device out numbered those hard surfaces, leaving myself worry free and pain free of having to get a new tank. From one person to another, go buy a pack of these rings. They have fun phrases and lots of colors to choose from, i even switch to the pink rings for cancer awareness in October. So go buy these rings and keep your tank worry free of hard surfaces, you'd be glad you did!!



these save my tanks everytime and theyre awesome for rings on your fingers :)

Best thing for tanks


Best thing to use when you are someone who constantly drops your tank.

tank safety


I think these silicone rings have saved me more times then my seat belt. I constantly drop my device and my tank is full glass, so with these silicone rings around it I have a safety net. i dont know how muc hmoney they have saved me but I'm very grateful for them.

Save Glass!


$1.99 is all it takes to save your glass tank! If you ever find yourself dropping or knocking over your device these vape bands are quite the life saver. Your tank now bounce off a surface as opposed to a possible shattered glass. Also if you do not like the little sayings on these then you can always flip them inside out to a solid color and they work equally as great.

$2 for peace of mind.


These little guys are a life saver, especially if you turn green and smash everything without your nic.
$2 can save you and your wallet some hurt. Ill gladly put these on my tank so i dont have to buy a new one or glass.
Standard size at 22mm you could probably even fit it on an 26650 tank

Life/Glass saver


This bands are awesome. I am a huge klutz and constantly have fights with gravity. Unfortunately gravity usually wins. I've had to replace my glass numerous times. Since putting bands on all my tanks I haven't replace my glass once. These are definitely a necessity when it comes to vaping.