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Electric Raspberry US E-Liquid - CLEARANCE

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Electric Raspberry US E-Liquid - CLEARANCE

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We are no longer carrying this flavor all orders are final ** Discontinued Flavor, will no longer be offered as of 2-29-16 **

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Customer Reviews

Something sweet with a hint of tart Review by Snowrider1980
A delicious treat on the tounge. A mild sweet berry flavor with just a hint of tartness to it. A decent amount of vapor production from this liquid (not the best, but far from unacceptable). It would go great after a dessert or a cup of hot chocolate. This would also make for a good mixer with a more solid, bold flavor (like maybe Honey, Almond or Chocolate). I will definately put this in my regular flavor rotation! (Posted on 1/2/2016)
nasty Review by LA
O stars: this liquid tastes like absolutely nothing when you smoke it It tastes like rubber! as well as probably all of they're flavors. i will never buy anything from this website agagin because i've had so many bad things happen to me with my drip tip, liquids, everything.. this flavor is poopy. (Posted on 1/2/2016)
It's ok Review by SpringLilly
I tried this right after I got it, and I wasn't impressed. Not sure what I expected-maybe blue raspberry Jolly Rancher candy?? I am letting this steep, and will try it again. If my opinion changes, I'll update my review. (Posted on 1/2/2016)
Childhood Memories Review by Non Practical
Everyone's taste is different, my personal takes and views on any one flavor may not be what you experience.

So the other day I was in the store, helping a customer when they asked what Electric Raspberry tasted like.

Now, personally I've tried most of the flavors carried by DFWVapor. But for the life of me I couldn't remember WHY it was called electric raspberry. I vaguely remembered it tasting like raspberries but beyond that I was lost.

So I ventured over to the sample bar and fired up the trusty atty to find out for them.

Suddenly flooded with memories. That familiar flavor. Electric Raspberry reminded me of drink a friend of mine's grandmother used to make. It also reminded me of those purple raspberry popsicles that always got a little melty a little too fast during the hot summers of my childhood.

A nice clean raspberry taste, but not the fruit something else. A little tart, but not enough to be considered sour, nice lingering aftertaste that reminds me of the popsicle memory left on your tongue long after the frozen treat is no more.

It was clean, fresh, and pleasant. Had a nice scent to it as the vapor hung in the air around my head.

DFWVapor is a standard 70/30 mix which means it provides nice vapor and a decent throat hit. I was using a 3 ohm cisco spec bridgeless drip atty on my trusty zmax at 8.5 watts. Because that's my general sample setup.

As I stood there, basking in the memories and enjoying the flavors the customer was left wondering what it tasted like.

The best description I could come up with was a raspberry popcicle, but it was much more to me. Bringing back memories of a childhood and wonders of why I never kept this flavor in my collection to begin with. Rest assured there will be a bottle on my desk at home for when I need that slice of childhood or a change from my all day vape. Being lost in a memory of a happy summer in your childhood is never a bad thing, and that's what this flavor gives to me. (Posted on 1/2/2016)
As long as everythin Review by Alex
As long as everything is wroikng and producing vapor it should be fine. If problems persist, you can always exchange it for another one if you would like. Please let us know. (Posted on 1/2/2016)

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